What is Going On at NQL

2 November

Upcoming for November and Beyond

The Bible series is rapidly winding down, there is only one more full episode on it left, “when should we ignore the Bible?” I was planning on starting the next series before the New Year, but with advent around the corner I that instead I would focus on the Christmas season. Videos will be coming […]

4 September

A New Series: Starting Soon

This site, and the YouTube channel associated with it, is primarily focused on carefully studying and understanding the Bible and Christian history. It is not focused on theology, or practical concerns, except where they are driven by a misunderstanding of the Bible or history. However, it is hard to tie in moments of Christian history […]

2 September

September Update

By the end of September the series on what the Bible is, how we got it, and what it means today should be wrapped up. There will be more episodes on the Bible, of course, but the foundational ideas have been fairly well covered and so it is time to move on. The next series […]