Video Schedule for Not Quite Lost

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The current plan is to release one video every Friday, but a full episode every other week.

The in between weeks will be outtakes, mini-episodes of issues that didn’t fit in the main one but should be addressed, Q&As if there is need, and I am experimenting with “story time” which are illustrations of why what we’re talking about is important and how it applies to life. I also eventually expect to do revisions or even “rebuttals” of my previous videos as my information and/or perspective changes. But hopefully that will be a few years down the road.


While plans are subject to change, the goal for July 2017 is to begin tackling the idea and application of the Bible. Topics tentatively include:

  • Canonization – How we got the Bible as we know it, and why some people’s Bibles have different books than ours.
  • Underlying Text – How did the Bible get passed down to us today and why are there differences in many translations today.
  • Translation – How do people translate the Bible, which translations are “best” and why do they sometimes say quite different things?
  • The King James – No English translation has been more important, or had such a troubled history.
  • Inerrancy – Where did the idea of inerrancy come from? Is it demanded by scripture? Is it helpful or warranted given what we know about the Bible?


The research for these videos has been significant, so there will definitely be some filler episodes while I make these so that I have time to work on the next ones. Further out, topics include: The Bible’s obsession with naming things, God’s name and why we don’t say it, what is the Holy Spirit, inspiration, what is the word of God, and more. Stay tuned, but if you have anything you would like to see discussed in an episode, write it in the comments and I’ll see what I can do.


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