What is Not Quite Lost?

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Welcome to Not Quite Lost.

I am a pastor in a Wesleyan denomination, and I have found that most resources online are from a very fundamentalist perspective that presents Christianity as if there is only one way to look at scripture, one worldview that’s right, one way to see things, and if you question that way of thinking then get out. Sadly, a lot of people, myself almost included at times, have gotten out when they have found that the answers they have been fed about faith, life, and the world, just don’t match up with their experiences.

The truth is that many of our foundational beliefs about God, faith, the Bible, ourselves, are deeply flawed and need re-examining. Not Quite Lost was made to help begin those conversations and self-examination by purposely presenting alternative, biblical, views on important issues that Christians often take for granted. There are ways of thinking that are authentic to ourselves, relevant to today, and still biblically grounded. It isn’t fundamentalist or nothing, Christ is bigger than that.

I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I have spent my entire adult life thinking and studying about these things. Each video is meant to be a condensed discussion starter on a given topic, a broad overview of the topic with places to go to further that conversation in the video description. I hope you’ll join as we explore some of the deepest held ideas of our faith and try to find the most fruitful, and accurate path, even if it is less trodden.

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