September Update

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By the end of September the series on what the Bible is, how we got it, and what it means today should be wrapped up. There will be more episodes on the Bible, of course, but the foundational ideas have been fairly well covered and so it is time to move on.

The next series will be on inspiration, and what it means to be inspired by God, who has claimed it in the past, what the Bible claims, different types, that sort of thing. Of course, to get there will require talking about the Holy Spirit, wind and breathing, definitions of life, and why the Old Testament cares so much about names, including the name of God.

That series will probably last until the beginning of Advent, depending on how many side tangents I go off on (I’m thinking of an episode on ways we censor the Bible by expecting it to behave more “appropriately” than it does, and one on the biblical differences between swearing, cursing, and profanity).

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