3 October

Fall 2018

It has been a while since I have posted one of these, but I wanted to let everyone know what is going on this fall on Not Quite Lost. We just began a series called Sanitizing Scripture about how we tidy up the “messy” sections of scripture by ignoring them or translating the problems away. […]

11 January

Not Quite Lost in 2018

Not quite lost was started on a promise to put out the best videos I could for one year and see what happens. Seven months are finishes, but here’s what’s still to come.

2 November

Upcoming for November and Beyond

The Bible series is rapidly winding down, there is only one more full episode on it left, “when should we ignore the Bible?” I was planning on starting the next series before the New Year, but with advent around the corner I that instead I would focus on the Christmas season. Videos will be coming […]

4 September

A New Series: Starting Soon

This site, and the YouTube channel associated with it, is primarily focused on carefully studying and understanding the Bible and Christian history. It is not focused on theology, or practical concerns, except where they are driven by a misunderstanding of the Bible or history. However, it is hard to tie in moments of Christian history […]

2 September

September Update

By the end of September the series on what the Bible is, how we got it, and what it means today should be wrapped up. There will be more episodes on the Bible, of course, but the foundational ideas have been fairly well covered and so it is time to move on. The next series […]

8 August

Small Group Resources Coming Soon

After talking with several pastor friends, we are going to be adding full leadership resources for each main episode. These will have resources to further explore the topic, key points from the video itself for refreshing the material, and bits that didn’t make it into the video but might lend to a good discussion. Also […]

7 August

August 2017 Updates

August is going to be a full month. We’re going to wrap up the series about the Bible, finishing it out with videos on the process of Translation, Inerrancy, and the King James Version. There might be a few more videos coming up about what is means when we say something is “biblical,” and why […]

2 July

Video Schedule for Not Quite Lost

The current plan is to release one video every Friday, but a full episode every other week. The in between weeks will be outtakes, mini-episodes of issues that didn’t fit in the main one but should be addressed, Q&As if there is need, and I am experimenting with “story time” which are illustrations of why […]

2 July

What is Not Quite Lost?

Welcome to Not Quite Lost. I am a pastor in a Wesleyan denomination, and I have found that most resources online are from a very fundamentalist perspective that presents Christianity as if there is only one way to look at scripture, one worldview that’s right, one way to see things, and if you question that […]