Episode 01What is Marriage and why can’t we agree on it?
A look at the different authorities that people rely on for marriage, and how we can recognize them.

Episode 1.5 – Story Time: Why Defining Marriage Matters
A personal story from my time pastoring, illustrating why discussions of marriage’s authorities matter.

Episode 02 – Biblical Marriage: It’s more about sex than you think
A look at the culture and practices of marriage in the Bible, without pretending that’s what we’re already doing.

Episode 03 – Is God an Idealist, a Pessimist, or a Realist?
How we view God’s expectations for us and the people of scripture change the way we look at the Bible itself

Episode 04 – Following God’s Movement in History
One way of looking at whether something was God’s final word on the subject or a word for that moment is to chart the issue over time and see if there is movement or not.

Episode 05 – A Biblical Case for Women in Ministry
A few verses have been interpreted by many denominations in ways that put women down as second class citizens. But is that fair?

Episode 06 – The Old Testament in 20 Minutes
This tells the story of the Old Testament and ties it in with the history of the world that the Bible doesn’t record by affects it none the less.

Episode 06.5 – Story Time: Is it God or Coincidence?
A story from my time pastoring that has helped reshape my thinking on how to look for God in the world.

Episode 07 – The Gap in Our Bibles: What Happened Between the Testaments and why it Matters
A look at the intertestamental period and how it impacts the New Testament

Episode 08 – How We Ended up with the Bible
Why do we have these books in our Bible and not others? Does everyone have the same canon?

Episode 08.5 – Why “Lost Books of the Bible” Really Aren’t
You hear that phrase in the news a few times a year, but were all these discoveries really in the Bible?

Episode 09 – Beneath our Modern Bibles: Fixing Mistakes or Cutting Canon?
Verses, words, entire passages are not in modern Bibles that once were. Why? Is it a good thing?

Episode 09.5 – “The Bible” is Dangerously Overused
The word “Bible” has become almost meaningless except as a marketing tool.

Episode 10 – 400 Translations and None Agree: The Modern English Bible
Translation is a much more complicated process than we give it credit for, which leads to many disagreements.

Episode 11 – The Twisting Path to the KJV
The King James is seen as the perfect version, but it is really part of a long line of revisions and updates.

Episode 12 – Gender Inclusion and the Bible
A look at the linguistic issues that make gender inclusion necessary to accurately convey the original meaning.

Episode 12.5 – Why Gender in the Bible Matters to Me
Our Bibles should not make it harder for someone to come to God or understand the gospel.

Episode 13 – When Theology Alters the Bible
Translating is a difficult thing, and sometimes the beliefs of the translator can alter the text we read.

Episode 14 – The Error of Inerrancy
Biblical Inerrancy has become a foundation of modern Evangelicalism. But what does that mean?

Moments that Matter 01 – 1254: When Mongols Debated Religion
Religious debate seems impossible sometimes, but it has happened among even Mongols.

Episode 15 – What is “Biblical?”
We do we mean when we use that term? Should everything “biblical” be followed today?

Moments that Matter 02 – 313: When We Found Power and Lost our Way
The early Church was radically different than the one we recognize today, and one man changed it.

Episode 16 – What Can we say about the Bible?
A summary episode, looking at what we can positively say about the Bible and what it means today.

Moments that Matter 03 – 410: When War Became Christian, and Just
For hundreds of years Christianity was pacifist. This is the story of how that changed.

Episode 17 – Reading the Bible Better
We don’t have to be afraid of the Bible. It was meant to be understood, by all.

Episode 17.5 – Misreading Revelation
We cannot understand Revelation without better understanding the genre it is part of, Apocalypse.

Episode 18 – What to do when the World is Ending…. Again
End times predictions are nothing new. They’ve been happening for thousands of years.

Episode 19 – The Gospel as Subversion
Jesus birth, life, death, and resurrection were meant to make a statement, a both confirm and subvert expectations of the world.

Christmas – When Loneliness met Holiness
We have added so much to the Christmas story that what actually happened can get lost in it all.