We know Christians are often sexist, but is the Bible? And more than that, is God sexist? With sexism once again in the news every day, now seems a good time to take a look at our own closets and see if any skeletons are rattling around.

This is a complicated subject, and several other videos would be helpful to get a fuller context. In particular these might be helpful if you have not already watched them.

Episodes 3 and 4 on God’s plans unfolding: https://youtu.be/mhKY9uszj6k https://youtu.be/Bnrw6Cy2YC0
Episode 5 on Women in Ministry: https://youtu.be/xwyM7Jk9yrA
Episode 12 on Gender Inclusive Language: https://youtu.be/vMBLndelAVs


For Hammurabi’s law codes see here: https://history.hanover.edu/courses/excerpts/165hammurabi.html

And for several alternative views on the subject, here are several links to women arguing that the Bible is not sexist.

Is the Bible Sexist?

“Should Women Be Pastors?”

Is the Bible more pro-woman than you assume?


There is also a study guide associated with this episode that can be found here: Ep 20 – Is the Bible Sexist Study Guide

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