This is meant to be a summation episode, so it is highly recommended that you watch episodes 8-15 first.

Having discussed the Bible throughout history, transmission, translation, and inerrancy, what can we still say about the Bible? Is it still relevant, important, or helpful for the Christian? Or must the Bible become just another book? When the dust settles, what are we left about the say about scripture?

This is such a broad ranging topic that a list of recommended resources is problematic to say the least. Some of my favorites, however, are:
• What The Bible Tells Me So by Peter Enns
• What is the Bible? By Rob Bell
• The Authority of the Old Testament by John Bright
• The Catholic Church by Hans Kung
• The Murderous History of Bible Translations by Harry Freedman
• Misquoting Jesus by Bart Ehrman
• The Rise and Fall of the Bible by Timothy Beal

For statistics on the relative prevalence of New Testament manuscripts compared to other ancient writings, see this link:

A Study Guide for this episode is also available here: Ep 16 – What Can We Say about the Bible Study Guide


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